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Thank you for visiting our 2,400 sqm booth and joining us at drupa 2016, making this a very special event for all of us!

We are celebrating major advances made into new industrial printing markets such as labels and packaging, as well as numerous sales of digital printing and software services.

Olaf Lorenz, General Manager, International Marketing Division at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe: “We naturally set our expectations extremely high for drupa. The exhibition has truly elevated Konica Minolta from being a leading player in mid-production printing to now being recognised as one of a few select companies operating right at the forefront in the exciting world of industrial printing and pushing on towards new horizons.”

You were not able to join us at drupa 2016?
Re-visit our booth and take a 3D walkthrough! Scroll down to start your tour.

3D Exhibition Walkthrough

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Press Release

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Frauke Flüthmann
Konica Minolta Europe
Phone: +49 511 - 7404 5233

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Melanie Eibisch
Konica Minolta Deutschland
Phone: +49 511 - 7404 5853

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Kristina Marchitto
Konica Minolta USA
Phone: +1 201 236 - 4399

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